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Need a photo for your new ID card? Are you updating your ID card or trying to get your next passport photo online? You've come to the right place. Our application is designed to make the process as easy as possible for you and allow you to go as quickly as possible. Made in Germany, uses the latest advances in AI technology to help you create your ID photos online.

We support photos for a variety of documents and formats: passports, ID cards, visas, baby passports, driver's licenses, and more.

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ID Photo: Format, Size, Dimensions

Official ICAO photo format
Official ICAO photo format (download)

French ID photos, often used for ID cards, passports, driver's licenses, and other official documents, are of crucial importance in everyone's life. These small snapshots, although seemingly modest, play an essential role in verifying individuals' identities across the country. They must meet strict standards to be accepted by authorities, which means that the photo shoot and photo quality are crucial.

Unlike souvenir or artistic photographs, ID photos must adhere to precise rules established by government agencies, including the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) for passport photos. These rules cover aspects such as size, posture, facial expression, background, brightness, and photo sharpness. They ensure that each ID photo is uniform and meets the required security criteria.

Standards for ID Photos
Aspect Requirements
Quality The photo must be sharp and high quality.
Dimensions 3.5 cm x 4.5 cm, with the face measuring 3.2 to 3.6 cm (70 to 80% of the photo).
Background The background must be plain and light (no white background).
Head The head must be uncovered, upright, and the face directed towards the camera.
Expression Neutral expression, closed mouth, focus on the camera.
Face The face must be visible, without obstruction. Eyes must be open.
Hair Hair must not cover the face, ears must be visible.
Glasses If worn, the frame must not be thick or hide the eyes. The lenses must not be tinted or reflective.

You can find more details in a dedicated article.

Our application assists you by partially automating validation using AI. In just a few seconds, the application will crop your photo to meet requirements and provide you with quality advice.

Photographer with a camera

Online Passport Photo App

  • Take a photo or upload it
  • AI validates your photo
  • Preview the final version
  • Receive a print-ready digital file
  • Have it sent to you by mail if needed

How to Take an ID Photo for a Baby?

  • Ensure you have a well-lit and safe environment.
  • Place your baby on a soft surface, preferably of light and uniform color (gray, blue). Absolutely avoid a white background, as it is not allowed.
  • When taking photos, capture your baby from above, looking directly into the camera.
  • Make sure there are no toys within the image frame.
  • Ensure that no other person or hand appears in the image.

More information in our dedicated article on preparing ID and passport photos for babies.

Where to Get an ID Photo Taken?

Screenshot of the ANTS-approved photographer locator
Screenshot of the ANTS-approved photographer locator

Wondering where to get an ID photo taken? You have several options to consider. First, photo booths or photomats are commonly available in many public places, and they can produce compliant ID photos. Additionally, you can look for photographers approved by ANTS to obtain high-quality photos. To quickly find ANTS-authorized photographers in your area, you can use the geolocation tool available on the ANTS website.

If you prefer an online solution, you may consider using, an economical and convenient option to obtain quality ID photos. This allows you to save time and money while ensuring compliance with current standards. Regardless of your preference, make sure to obtain ID photos that meet your requirements.

What Is the Cost of an ID Card Photo?

The cost of an ID card photo can vary depending on where you choose to have it taken. In a photo booth, a sheet of 5 official photos typically costs around €8, but this may seem expensive considering the trial limits and the need to physically go there. Additionally, it's often challenging to take ID photos for babies in a photo booth. On the other hand, at a professional photographer's studio, a set of 4 photos can cost between €12 and €20, which is significantly higher. Some photographers may even refuse to take studio ID photos for babies. However, this usually involves visiting the studio in person, which can be time-consuming.

With, you have a more economical option available. You can get ID photos that meet the standards for as little as €5.99. This allows you to save money while ensuring the quality and compliance of your ID photos. You no longer have to worry about high costs or traveling because our online service enables you to easily create affordable and competitive ID photos.

Photobooth, Photographer, or Online Photo Application?

Online Photo App
Varies, generally affordable
Generally more expensive
Available for self-service but requires travel
Personalized service but requires an appointment
Easy to use from your own home
Refund Guarantee
Variable, depends on the location
Generally not applicable
May offer a satisfaction guarantee
Digital Photos
Often not included
Generally included
Immediate download of digital photos
Physical Photos
Optional, with delivery fees
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Create your biometric passport photo yourself with our Passport Photo App!
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With our online app, you can create your own photos. Our advanced AI-supported algorithm crops your photo to the right size. Receive your photos by mail or print them yourself.

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Things happen. Officials don't always follow their own rules. In such cases, our top-notch customer support is always ready to help you quickly resolve any issues.

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Data security is our top priority:

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  • SSL encryption everywhere.
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  • No accounts or passwords required.
  • No spam from us.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is it allowed to process photos for official documents with an app like yours?
Yes. Most modern cameras as well as photographers do slightly edit your photos in almost all cases. What's important is to preserve biometric features of your face during this processing. And that's exactly what our app does.
How can I print digital photos at home
Make sure to use 10x15cm (or 4x6") good quality photographic paper. If your printer gives you an option, choose borderless printing. Always make sure final dimensions of each individual photo are correct after printing.
How does your service work?
Our service generates professional photos for various types of documents such as IDs, visas, driving licenses, and passports. To generate a photo, you need to upload a selfie from your computer or mobile device. The images are stored for only 48hours and are available only to you. After that, the images are automatically deleted.
For which types of documents can I generate photos?
You can generate photos for IDs, driving licenses, Schengen visas, and passports.
How do I generate a photo?
To generate a photo, you need to upload a selfie from your computer or mobile device. Our system checks, processes, and adjusts the incoming photos and selfies to the required format for a specific combination of country and document type. The resulting photo is compliant with official requirements.
How long does it take to generate a photo?
The photo generation process is very fast and usually takes only a few seconds.
Is my personal information safe?
Yes, your personal information is safe with us. We store uploaded images for only 48hours and they are available only to you. After that, the images are automatically deleted.
Can I use my mobile phone to generate a photo?
Yes, you can use your mobile phone to generate a photo. Simply upload a selfie from your mobile device and our system will process it accordingly.
What happens if my generated photo is not accepted by the authorities?
Our photos are compliant with official requirements. However, if your generated photo is not accepted by the authorities, please contact us and we will do our best to solve the problem.
Do you provide delivery?
Yes, it's possible to order print & delivery of the photo you make yourself with our tool.
Are baby and child passport photos supported
Yes! In fact, it's very easy to get a compliant baby passport-photo with us. No need to take your newborn to a photobooth or a photographer.
Should the photo be new or can I use an old photo?
Some countries require photos for various types of documents that are not older than 6 months. We print a timestamp on both digital and physical photographs so that authorities can always verify the age of the photo.