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Spain: Optimal Size for ID and Passport Photos

On this page, you will find up-to-date information on the measures and optimal size for ID, ID card, and passport photos, as well as a tool to create and validate your identification photo online. Before obtaining your National Identity Document (DNI), it is important to know these details and be prepared. Keep reading for more information and to take advantage of our identification photo creation and validation tool.

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Measures and Format for ID and Passport Photos in Spain

Requirements for DNI photo from the Ministry of the Interior
Requirements for DNI photo from the Ministry of the Interior

Below, you will find essential information about the required measures and format for Documento Nacional de Identidad (DNI) and passport photos in Spain. Knowing these guidelines is crucial to ensure that your photo meets the necessary requirements when applying for your DNI or passport. Be sure to follow our instructions to obtain a perfectly suitable image.

  • Dimensions: The photograph must have a size of 32x26 millimeters.
  • Face Direction: The image should show the applicant's face frontally.
  • Background Color: The background of the photo should be white and smooth.
  • Glasses: Dark glasses that obscure the eyes should not be worn.
  • Uncovered Head: The head should be uncovered, without hats or caps.
  • Facial Expression, Mouth: It is recommended to maintain a neutral facial expression, and the mouth should be closed.
  • Hair: Specific requirements for hair were not provided, but it is recommended to have it neat and not obstructing the face.
  • Photo Quality: The image must be of high resolution and printed on good-quality photographic paper to ensure sharpness and durability.

Format for Spanish Schengen Visa Photos

The format for Spanish Schengen visa photos differs from photos for the National Identity Document (DNI). While the size and background requirements may be similar, it's important to remember that Schengen visa photos generally follow international standards, which are typically 35x45 millimeters in size and may vary slightly in terms of dimensions and facial positioning. Additionally, Schengen visa photos may require a neutral facial expression, and it is recommended to verify the exact specifications with the Embassy or Consulate of Spain before applying for a Schengen visa.

Is it Possible to Obtain Correct Measurements Online?

Yes, it's entirely possible to obtain correct measurements for your photos online! While you could try to do it at home on your own, it would require image editing software skills and a considerable amount of time. Instead, our application allows you to create identification and passport photos easily. The application takes care of proper editing and validation to ensure that your photos meet the necessary requirements quickly and effectively.

Photographer with a camera

Online Passport Photo App

  • Take a photo or upload it
  • AI validates your photo
  • Preview the final version
  • Receive a print-ready digital file
  • Have it sent to you by mail if needed

Photographer, Photo Booth, or Mobile App: What's Better?

Aspect Photo Booth Mobile App Professional Photographer
Convenience Low High High
Price Variable Economical Variable
Money-Back Guarantee No Yes (full) No
Compliance Yes Yes Yes
Digital Photo No Yes Sometimes
Printed Photo Yes Yes Yes

Clearly, if you want to save time and use modern AI-based technology, it's worth trying our app.

ID Photo for Babies in Spain: Dimensions, Measurements, Requirements

Identification photo for a baby, example

Getting an ID photo for babies from the comfort of your home is easy and quick. Unlike adults, for whom you can opt for a photographer or a photo booth, using a photo booth is nearly impossible for baby photos due to their size and the need to keep them still. Instead, taking a photo of your baby at home takes much less time and is more convenient. Below, we provide you with information on the dimensions, measurements, and requirements to obtain a suitable ID photo for your baby.

Where to Get a Passport Photo Near Me?

Identification photos are typically available at photo booths located in shopping centers and often on city streets. However, it's important to note that these photo booths sometimes don't work correctly, which can result in rejected photos. If you're looking for a more reliable option, consider turning to a professional photographer to prepare your identification photo. While this option may be more expensive, it ensures higher quality and compliance with requirements. For more information on how to obtain a high-quality identification photo, visit our dedicated page.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Is it allowed to process photos for official documents with an app like yours?
Yes. Most modern cameras as well as photographers do slightly edit your photos in almost all cases. What's important is to preserve biometric features of your face during this processing. And that's exactly what our app does.
How can I print digital photos at home
Make sure to use 10x15cm (or 4x6") good quality photographic paper. If your printer gives you an option, choose borderless printing. Always make sure final dimensions of each individual photo are correct after printing.
How does your service work?
Our service generates professional photos for various types of documents such as IDs, visas, driving licenses, and passports. To generate a photo, you need to upload a selfie from your computer or mobile device. The images are stored for only 48hours and are available only to you. After that, the images are automatically deleted.
For which types of documents can I generate photos?
You can generate photos for IDs, driving licenses, Schengen visas, and passports.
How do I generate a photo?
To generate a photo, you need to upload a selfie from your computer or mobile device. Our system checks, processes, and adjusts the incoming photos and selfies to the required format for a specific combination of country and document type. The resulting photo is compliant with official requirements.
How long does it take to generate a photo?
The photo generation process is very fast and usually takes only a few seconds.
Is my personal information safe?
Yes, your personal information is safe with us. We store uploaded images for only 48hours and they are available only to you. After that, the images are automatically deleted.
Can I use my mobile phone to generate a photo?
Yes, you can use your mobile phone to generate a photo. Simply upload a selfie from your mobile device and our system will process it accordingly.
What happens if my generated photo is not accepted by the authorities?
Our photos are compliant with official requirements. However, if your generated photo is not accepted by the authorities, please contact us and we will do our best to solve the problem.
Do you provide delivery?
Yes, it's possible to order print & delivery of the photo you make yourself with our tool.
Are baby and child passport photos supported
Yes! In fact, it's very easy to get a compliant baby passport-photo with us. No need to take your newborn to a photobooth or a photographer.
Should the photo be new or can I use an old photo?
Some countries require photos for various types of documents that are not older than 6 months. We print a timestamp on both digital and physical photographs so that authorities can always verify the age of the photo.